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3. Make it multi!

So you have big ideas! That's the spirit - because with ideas come fun ways to deliver them!

When a customer has a functional or transactional purpose for a website (rather than being an 'advert' or gallery only) a multi page website is required! Sites in this category could be, event websites selling tickets or merchandise, eCommerce or online selling style sites, a site taking money or bookings...where you want to walk your customer or audience through your products or service.

Another reason for having a multi page site is where you are receiving visitors with different reasons to be visiting! A good example of this might be a school website where you are aiming at audiences as varied as parents, potential parents, staff, potential staff, Trusts or LA, and OFSTED. They all want to come to a single point of contact but then will require a filter towards their area of interest.

The fun aspect of these sites (from a web design point of view!) is that often there is an opportunity to introduce cool solutions for the customer. For example, you can have a site that not only takes bookings, but behind the site allows the customer to manage those bookings, integrated with an online diary. Another example is being able to sell tickets to an event by integrating services such as Eventbrite or TicketSource. Perhaps you want to offer downloads or create a membership site? All is possible with a multi page site.

Meet Radio Stradbroke

My favourite site for service integration recently has been Radio Stradbroke. Press play to have some music while you read on...!

As an online Community Internet Radio Station, Radio Stradbroke is its website. Integrated into the site currently are the broadcast code, live video stream, Twitter feed and the MixCloud Podcasts of all the shows. We have even supported the team with outside broadcast video production and integration with its Facebook page! For a small team in a small village - they really make an impact! Although the site looks quite small, it has a lot going on in it technically and it is totally serving its broadcast purpose. Without the website, there would be no Internet Radio Stradbroke!

The website has gone through a number of innovations over the years but the movement to listening on mobile devices about 5 years ago was really interesting to solve for Radio Stradbroke. Listeners often don't want to sit at a laptop to listen in so we have ensured the website is always mobile friendly, and that the stream is available through TuneIn Radio as well. Now listeners can listen in whether they are at home, in the car or on the other side of the world.

If you haven't considered starting an Internet Radio Station or Podcast, you should. It is immense fun!


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