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2. Short sited?

Why have a one page site? What is it useful for?

If you have a short message to get across, there is very little point stringing it out over a huge selection of pages... the more your web site visitors have to click to get what is, in essence, a small amount of information, the quicker they will be frustrated and drift away.

But what sort of web site would work well in this format? Websites with a portfolio, an events site such as weddings or party organisers, artists or content such as consultancy services. Any type of content where you would like to 'lead' the visitor through your message/information. Often these one page sites can direct visitors to contact you quite quickly, capturing leads and building new customer/client relationships. In other words they capture attention and start a conversation! No messing about!

Meet Lizzie.

Lizzie Holden

Lizzie is a poet from London. She wanted a website that allowed her to showcase her achievements and projects, whilst also allowing her to integrate her well established Facebook page. The colour scheme and style came from her portrait photo and a lovely sharp well lit book photo we both agreed was lovely. Lizzies other important stipulation is that once the site was built, she wanted to be taught how to update it. It isn't too difficult and Lizzie has proved to be a fast learner! Mooh is always available if it goes wrong... we can put it back together again, leaving clients able to learn how their site can be updated and maintained with confidence.


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