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6. The Online Pandemic Part 2 - If you want to get ahead, get a haircut (booking system)....

Tara is great. When life deals her brand new business a pandemic, she gets creative.

Having opened her first Hair Studio just at the start of the pandemic, Tara approached Mooh for a basic one page website, to let her clients know her location, prices, etc... We had immense fun choosing a colour scheme - which was harder than it sounds. Tara is a vivid colour specialist, so it is impossible for her to choose just one colour, or even one palette! So every colour was needed, and the morphing rainbow that is her website was born!

As the first lockdown lifted and hair salons were able to open again everyone flocked back to hairdressers to have months of hair removed from their heads. Tara welcomed everyone with open arms - albeit arms that were covered in PPE! But Tara was always thinking ahead... What if there were more lockdowns? How do I help my customers and offer more certainty, but also flexibility?

So we went back to the drawing board, and Tara declared it was time for an online booking system. She knew how it needed to work, and had a clear idea of what she wanted it to achieve. Tara wanted to ditch the paper appointment book, and give clients the control to see the appointment availability. She wanted clients to be able to understand the aspects of her services with a blog, and to give them the information to make informed, bold choices about what they could do with their hair! Tara had already established a great Instagram portfolio so this needed to be incorporated too. Behind the scenes Mooh ensured that the website works as hard as Tara does, with customer management and financial integrations allowing her existing salon systems to connect. There were unexpected positive outcomes too! Tara now receives notifications everytime someone makes an appointment (I can confirm she does a little happy dance every time), the booking system allows Tara to send appointment reminders to clients, and when booking 'in person' Tara now has a professional laptop based booking system AND a mobile app that keeps her in touch with clients as they need her.

How on earth could this get any better? TJ Jacks Hair Studio was at this point already a solid, successful 'client needs driven' website! Tara did another thing she is good at... she listened to clients asking to buy salon products at times and in ways that suited them. So Mooh added a store to her website, and now Tara is able to sell the products people have used at the salon. You know that moment when you have a great hairstyle and after you get home you think... I really should have bought the fantastic hair product when I was there... no client regret now, just go to and pop it in the basket.

It's a real pleasure working with a client who has a constant wish list of new ideas and developments for their business, and I know there is much more excitement in the pipeline for TJ Jacks Hair Studio!

Tara says...

Claire at Mooh is amazing. She had taken my (sometimes) crazy ideas and turned them into a working system that does absolutely everything that I could have hoped for. The booking system is seamless and saves me hours of time when dealing with clients and the shop adds extra income to the business which had previously been going elsewhere. Claire also manages my site for me with updates or changes that I like to make and the service that she provides is always prompt and efficient. I really feel that Claire is part of the TJ Jack's team and I couldn't be without her expert knowledge and advise. Thank you Claire!

Adding a booking system to your website is a great way to attract customers and earn repeat business. The system is flexible and is particularly great for small businesses who are juggling many tasks and want to stream line their processes such as hair salons, keep fit studios, beauty services, as well as takeaway food or 'sit in' resturants. Its a game changer!

Get in touch if you want to have an 'absolutely no obligation' chat about how you could enhance and develop your business with your website :)


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