Well... no one saw that coming... Part 1

The last time I sat and wrote about the weird and wonderful world of websites, life was more or less plodding along for all of us. Suddenly in March, the world of customers, clients, websites, video conferencing... all became very different!

If you make websites and run internet based services, 2020 has been a time of opportunity but also pretty scary. You need to hope that every business that has now decided to *not* update their website due to uncertainty will be replaced by a company who realise this is now *totally* the time to upgrade and extend their online offer! That thought process is often guided by the type of industry they are in and the extent of the impact the lockdown and tiers have had on that industry. As a small business I have every empathy with those businesses caught in an ever increasing number of traps trying to understand what the future holds and how to best position themselves to make the best of what is a very bad lot for most of us.

So "Mooh" feels very fortunate to have been rather busy in this period - working from home has never felt such a privilege. I thought now, as I finish up the last few projects of the year, it would be a good time to show some of the highlights!

Part 1 - The Mooh Pet Projects - aka fun not funded!

A number of immediate responses to Lockdown in March presented themselves very quickly - most immediately was helping clients particularly in schools, update their pages and ensure they were getting the most out of their websites to support and inform users such as pupils and parents. The most fun for me was setting up a quick virtual resource site for parents and staff in Sharepoint. Finding resources and making the site friendly for users who were not used to Sharepoint was a great challenge.

However, the best challenge was about a month into lockdown when I worked with SARA (Stradbroke Archive & Records Association) to build a real time archive to collect Stradbroke's experiences during the pandemic. The site is an Omeka site, with a very different focus compared to the other Omeka archive sites SARA runs. This site is designed to collect resources directly from the public - so required a lot of thought about making the process easy for site visitors. Other than a one off extremely odd error due to the use of an emoji, making the site has been fun and the submissions have been fantastic!

Have a nose at Stradbroke in Lockdown at http://pandemic.stradbrokearchive.org.uk

In Part 2 - If you can't beat 'em... go online...